Keep an eye on your store’s financials at your own convenience, on your phone or watch!



IntelliDash gives you all the critical information you need and want on the go, without needing a computer and having to log into EasyAcc or Sigma.


With IntelliDash being available on both iOS and Android, you will be able to access your information from the majority of modern-day smartphones.

IntelliDash iOS has a handy companion Apple Watch App so that you can access important data straight from your Apple Watch.

IntelliDash™ FEATURES

Apple Watch Companion

With support for Apple Watch, you can access your IntelliDash data wherever you go, whenever you please.

Date Picking

Customize data results by selecting a date - EasyAcc accounting information in the palm of your hand.


Sales Comparison & Analysis

View your Total Sales and compare it to the same day or month to date from the previous year.

Keeping your Balance

IntelliDash gives you the power of always knowing the balance of all your key accounts.

Catching up on Cashup

See the date of the last processed Cashup and see if your Cashups are up to date or not.

Real-time Sales

Keep track of sales on an hourly basis in order to make sure you are on track to meet your turnover goals for the day.

Counting Customers

View a live foot count for the day - letting you know how many transactions your store is running, whether you are there or not.

Make the Basket Bigger

Be aware of the average basket size of customers' spending at your store. Are you getting the most spending power out of your customers as possible?


IntelliDash gives you all the financial information you need and want on the go – without needing a computer and having to log into EasyAcc.