IntelliAcc™ assists store owners, specifically in the Spar Group, to "make their store smarter".

Trusted by over 500 Stores in the SPAR group.

IntelliAcc™ provides Spar owners throughout Southern Africa with solutions in accounting, stock management and client retention; adding logical functionality to Sigma and improving overall store management.

Web-based system

Since our systems are cloud-based, you have access to your data from anywhere in the world, at any time - with no software installation! Our systems update seamlessly, saving you time and ensuring that your setup is always up-to-date. Our solutions run on all of the market-leading browsers.


Our solutions use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security (HTTPS) by Norton with servers and firewalls maintained by Internet Solutions to secure your valuable data. For your convenience, we run a high availability SQL server to allow you high-speed access and data availability at all times.


"Exceeding expectations - followups being done by different colleagues all owning up the problem. You are moving towards world class service." Clarke - Lusiksiki Queen Rose Spar

"We have found EasyAcc™ to be the most complete system on the market that seamlessly integrates with Sigma and Storeline. From deposit checking to drop shipment statement imports, we have benefited from new features which help us effectively control our stores and accounts. EasyAcc™ is customer service orientated and very helpful. EasyAcc™ is reliable, easily accessible and very user friendly. " Nick Schilz - Financial Manager, Power Group

"EasyAcc™ is a quick and easy program to use with the added benefit of being able to view all of our company's data & financials in one place and has given us much better control over what's going on in our business financially." Chanel Jansen - Rynfield Superspar


Our highly qualified, in-house support teams range from retailers, auditors, accountants, retailsystem experts and IT engineers. They offer you complete peace of mind with 24-hour, unlimited support and assistance. Our objective is to build excellent customer relations that are more meaningful, personal and efficient!